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In this world created by the Creator, man has been able to occupy the seat of excellence among all the creatures due to his knowledge. From time immemorial man has been successful in applying the knowledge he has gained from the natural environment to the reality of life. There is a need to store the knowledge that people have acquired over time. Books are created. And hundreds of thousands of years of stored and acquired knowledge and practical experience are taught in educational institutions. In the need of the age, for the welfare of human beings, even the great scholars sometimes play the role of educational institutions. Alhaj Abdul Qadir Mollah, the son of Narsingdi, a living legend, a giant, a lover of education, a symbol of successful and ideal man, is such a great sage. Whoever wakes up every morning to dream of what is good for man and humanity, whose daily activities begin by donating to the welfare of man and humanity, who sleeps every night at the end of the day to think of the welfare of man and humanity. NKM High School and Homes has been established as the center of real and quality education in the heart of Narsingdi city with the full support of her and with the solemn desire of Mrs. Nasima Mollah. I am confident that the school will soon be able to reach its goal with the diligent and timely guidance of the Honorable President and Founder of the school, under the overall supervision of the Managing Committee, the dedicated efforts of the teachers, the relentless study and perseverance of the students and the cooperation of parents and all concerned. I would like to seek the well-thought-out feedback and overall cooperation of all to take the organization to the highest level of success.



Nasima Kadir Molla High School & Homes

Narsingdi Sadar, Narsingdi.