Message From Founder

In this era of globalization, education is a prerequisite for the development of a nation. The more educated a nation is, the more developed the nation is. Quality and standard education can bring development and progress for a nation. So to improve as people and nation we must improve the quality of education. The education policy introduced by the present government to improve the quality of education is really timely. I believe that if this education policy is fully implemented, there will be a revolutionary change in our education system.

  Located in the heart of Narsingdi district, Nasima Kadir Molla High School and Homes has been showing promising success since its inception. Today this institution is one of the best schools in Narsingdi due to the efforts of all. I believe that Nasima Kadir Molla High School and Homes will continue its success as the best educational institution in the country due to the tireless work of the skilled, experienced, hardworking and talented teachers and the relentless study of the students. I wish success to all associated with this school.


Nasima Begum

The Founder

Nasima Kadir Molla High School and Homes, Narsingdi.