Message From Head Teacher

Nasima Kadir Molla High School and Homes is and outstanding educational institution in Narsingdi and all over Bangladesh. The institution is directed by Majid Mollah Foundation. The institution operates in accordance with the overall rules and regulations of the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. It was established in 2008 in the heart of Narsingdi district. Since its inception, the school has earned the reputation of achieving the best results in the country. The present age is the age of science and technology. Today's world is emphasizing on science and technology. For that purpose, all activities of Nasima Kadir Molla High School and Homes have been digitalized. Starting from recruitment of talented teachers with technical knowledge from public universities to students' multimedia classes, CT, MT, progressive reports, everything has been made software based. Besides, accounts, attendance-absence, admission process and communication with guardians are also done through software. English language teaching, debates and various cultural activities are conducted as part of co-curricular activities. As a result, the institution has won various awards at the regional and national levels. Guide teaching is one of the special aspects of this school. By appointing a guide teacher, ensuring the regular attendance of students in classes, monitoring the students' studies by communicating with the guardians at all times and making recommendations for giving leave after ascertaining the reason for the leave, etc. are done. Regular guardians assembly, modern transportation system, strict discipline, regularity, precise lesson plan and proper evaluation system-combined together make the institution stand at a unique height. I am very optimistic that our main goal is not only making A+ results but also creating ideal human beings and efficient human resources.


Nasima Kadir Molla High School and Homes