Message From Chairman

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Nasima Kadir Molla High School and Homes is a successful educational institution today by the endless grace of Allah. Nasima Kadir Molla High School and Homes was established in the heart of the town in 2008 with the intention of building a quality educational institution that fulfills the long cherished dream of the people of Narsingdi. The school has been recognized as the best educational institution in the country due to the all-out efforts, sincere love and tireless work of the teachers, students, guardians and management committee. If the love and sincerity that I have received from you in a short period of time continues, I and my family are strongly determined to take the institution to the golden peak of development.

Capitalizing on humanitarian work as my religion in life, I stepped into education sector with all the educational institutions run by the Majid Molla Foundation named after my late father with a vow to create real human resources.

I sincerely wish for your love and keep me in your prayers always.


Abdul Kadir Molla

The Chairman

Nasima Kadir Molla High School and Homes, Narsingdi